dvb multiplexer and mpeg multiplexer


MUX series of DVB MPEG TS Multiplexers combines the output of different Encoders, producing a multi-program Transport Stream; it can also “re-multiplex” existing Transport Streams, adding or deleting programs and including or modifying tables.


Key Features

  • Up to 8 ASI Transport Stream inputs
  • PID Filtering and automatic Transport Stream adaptation (with PCR time re-stamping)
  • NIT (Network Information Table) and SDT (Service Description Table) insertion and modification
  • EIT (Event Information Table) and TDT (Time and Date Table) insertion
  • Dynamic EIT option with specific management software
  • MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) support (associate carousels and other MHP tables to programs)
  • Configuration and management software
  • ASI and Ethernet (Transport Stream over IP) output and input interface options
  • User-friendly local and remote controls include on-board display, Web GUI, SNMP and e-mail client
  • Available as OEM units

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